Wetstravaganza Tournament!

The Wetstravaganza starts today!  Here are some key things to keep note of.  Also avalible on the tournament page http://challonge.com/xwater 


Wetstravaganza Policies:

I. Picks

Character picks will be blind pick.  Stage picks will be blind for the first round (pick a tournament legal stage and let the game decide which one gets played).  For game 2 and 3, the winner will choose random while the losers picks the stage.  This will ensure the loser’s stage is chosen.


II. Result reporting

Both players must report the results of their match into the discord server.  If one player fails to do so, the player who reported will be counted.  If there is a dispute in the match, we ask for proof of results.  Save your replays and take screenshots of the winners screens for ease of disputes.  Players who dispute a match and are caught lying will be permanently banned from joining other tournaments and chatting in the xwater stream.


III.  No Shows

Any player that is more that 10 minutes late to their match will be automatically disqualified.  If both players do not show up to the match, then there will be a bye.


IV. Lag disputes

Laggy matches are unfortunately out of our control as TOs for an online tournament.  Some tips we have for ensuring your match has as little lag as possible

-Pause your stream during the match

-Ensure you’re not downloading or uploading anything during your match

-Ask the other users in your house to keep their streaming/internet usage down during the match


Unfortunately, lag is going to happen and will be annoying to deal with.  We ask that you play these matches out regardless of the lag, and report winning all the same.


V. Misc.

Any issues not mentioned in here will be handled on the spot by the TO’s (xwater and danners).  Their decision will be final.

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