Moistathon 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to Moist-A-Thon 2: Electric Boogaloo! 

Moistathon is a month long stream event to celebrate the fact that 2 years ago on May 11th, I became a Twitch Partner. SO LETS CELEBRATE BY STREAMING WAY TOO MUCH AND PLAYING TONS OF GAMES!

Splash Bros Returns

THAT’S RIGHT! The Super Mario Maker Minigame “Super Splash Bros” will be again this year, featuring a new update! There are 10 new characters, and the game will now track stats for every player so you can see just how many times you’ve won or lost! Splash Bros will take place at the start of most streams, as long as the game we have planned for that day isn’t too long

Thank You Presents

This all wouldn’t be possible without the fact that you guys have been supporting me every step of the way. This month, I’ll be doing TONS of giveaways while I have the supplies to do so (they should last a while). If you meet any of the following requirements you’re elegible for a Thank you card, stickers, badge and pop socket

  • 1 Year Sub (wind badge or higher)
  • Blue Scheckel Badge
  • 10 or more Gifted Subs

If you’d like to claim your gift, ask myself or a mod for the claiming link, along with proof of any one of the three requirements

Console Giveaways

This year, I’ll be doing two seperate Nintendo Switch Giveaways! The first one will start on the first day of Moist-a-Thon2, and the second one two weeks after that. Better get prayin’ to RNGsus.

Xwater Nintendo Switch Giveaway

Leave a comment :D Come on do it!