Fire Emblem: Path of RNGesus!

This Friday starting at 2:00PM EST, Krys and I will be embarking on a journey to protect all that is good in the world with our good pal Ike

In our journey, we will be looking to RNGesus to give us guidance and blessing.  However, RNGesus is an unpredictable deity, and whether he shines us in fortune or drowns us in sorrow.  Whatever he chooses we will be forced to live with.

Okay, so obviously the theme of this stream is RNGesus, and we have a lot of cool stuff planned.  We’re going to be playing through all of Path Of Radiance this weekend, but with a twist.  We will be keeping track of RNG blessings and curses as we play, with judgement being passed between each chapter.
For each map we play (after chapter 3) every level up our characters get will be a direct reflection of RNGesus’ will.  If a character gets 4 or more stats leveled, 1 point will be added to RNGesus’ blessing.  Likewise, if a character gets 2 or less stats levels, 1 point will be added to RNGesus’ curse.  At the end of each chapter, the side with more points will be the judgement passed upon us.  We’ll be forced to roll a die and be either blessed or punished accordingly.  Here’s an example of how it works.


Whichever side has more favor (in the event of a tie, the most recent side) will decide whether RNGesus will bless us or curse us.

Blessings Curses
1/2 Giveaway- When this blessing is reached twice, a free game giveaway will happen! Silence – Chat goes emote only for 5 minutes
Wealth –  200 Sheckels for all (in stream currency) Hero to Zero – Forced to swap a good unit for a bad one
Divine Intervention- Chat gets to name 1 weapon Betrayal – One of the men are forced to betray their ally
Celebration- Miki and Krys get absolutely buckwild and celebrate good times! Dark Times – RNGesus frowns upon us, and makes us wear sunglasses for the next chapter
Plinko For All- We drop a ball on the Plinko Board for chat! It’s a Trap! – Traps are set to be triggered until the end of the next chapter
Blessed- Miki and Krys do a shot of sambuca Poisoned – Miki and Krys do a shot of Tequila

So there you have it!  In addition to all this, if the viewers want to influence the will of RNGesus, he can be bribed! Any donation of EXACTLY  $5.01USD will add 3 points of curse, while any donation of EXACTLY $5.02USD will add 3 points of blessing.  We’re aiming to beat the whole game over the weekend, some come by and enjoy the good times!

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