Donkey Kong Country MEGASTREAM



24 hours of DKC goodness


Oct 14

1:00PM start time

Pool Palace



Wettest man on the net

Well folks, we’re under 1 week away from the DONKEY KONG COUNTRY MEGASTREAM! I’ve done some creative things with the planning of this stream, trying to include new features to the stream and somewhat debut them here.


Games to play!

There are quite a few Donkey Kong games in the series that we could play, so I had to narrow it down to something doable in a 24 hour span.  That being said, the games we’re going to be playing are as follows!

  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns / Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

We will be kicking off the stream with the classic SNES games! K. Rule is going to wish he never crossed these razy kongs!  The only confusion we have is with the last game.  Is it DKC:R or DKC:TF? MAKE UP YOUR MIND MIKI GOSH!  Well, what if I said I don’t want to choose?  What would you do then?

Game Voting!

Choose Wisely!

That’s right! Throughout the stream, any donations made will go towards deciding out last game.  If you want to see Donkey Kong’s majestic return to action, just add #dkcr to any donations you make, and if you’d like to see our monkey fight off the cold cold fury of the Snowmads then add #dkctf to your donation message!  The voting will be closed at the end of DKC3 and we will push forward with whatever game had more votes.  I’ve thought about letting users use Sheckels to vote for the next game, but then I remembered i had an awesome plan for Sheckels anyway!



DONKEY KONG BONGOS YES!  We’re going to have a special minigame setup, with that minigame being the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat games!  Every user is going to be able to contribute Sheckels to the cause of stopping me from whatever i’m doing to play some stupid bongos.  Every user will be able to contribute up to 1500 Sheckels every 30 minutes filling up the Bongo Bar.  When the bongo bar hits 20,000 Sheckels,  I will drop whatever level it is we’re playing (please don’t make me lose boss fights!!) to let out my inner musician and play some beautiful bongo beats for you all :).


Don’t you go thinking I forgot about events! We have 3 donation incentive events planned in addition to everything else, so buckle up for some of your favorite returning events and maybe some fun new wacky goodness.



$150 – DK Rap

If we manage to hit this amazing milestone during the Megastream, I’ll also perform for you a track off of the currently unreleased xwater “wet tape”.  Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your granddaddy’s DK rap.  We’re gonna go RAW IN THIS ONE.  I don’t mess around when I rhyme boiez.


And there you have it folks! Those are the plans for the DKC Megastream!  I hope you’re excited for it, because I SURE AS HELL AM! I’ll see you all there on Friday October 23rd at 1:00PM EST!!

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