Pokemon Wet Version 2!

It’s back, and it’s better than ever!

Pokemon Wet Version 2 is a streaming event where YOU, the viewers, do your best to stop me from becoming the Pokemon master!  On the 1 year anniversary of myself becoming a streamer, we opened up form for viewers to submit a custom team of Pokemon for yours truly to fight on every step of my journey.  Whether it be as a gym leader or a simple bug catcher, I will be finding each and every one of you and fighting you LIVE!  The event will take place on Monday and Tuesday, starting at 2:00PM EST each of those days

But Miki, what generation is Pokemon Wet Version 2?

Good question.  I like good questions.  Pokemon Wet Version 2 is a rom hack of a rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red.  Essentially, we have taken Pokemon Liquid Crystal and added ourselves to it.  So we’ll be living a Gen 2 life with Gen 3 graphics boiez!!

You keep saying wet version 2.  What was wet version 1?

 Wet version one was was a direct hack of Pokemon Ruby, with essentially the same idea as this one.  However, wet version 1 had about 10-20 entrants.  We’ve over doubled the entrants with more than 50 custom trainers, while also giving the entrants the options of FULLY CUSTOMIZING their teams down to the last move!  We’ve made this version bigger and wetter than ever.

Will I be able to play it?

 Thanks to the efforts of our rom hack team, you will be able to patch the game and play it yourself if you so choose!  Although, we’ll be releasing that AFTER the full play through is finished on stream.  So keep them patient pants on.

Not impressed yet?  Good, cause I’m not done.

We have a few ways for you, the viewers, to directly influence the game as we play!  I know how much you all love to mess with me, so I’ve prepared a few fun ways for you to spend your Sheckels (In Stream Currency) on making life harder (OR EASIER!!) for me!

  1. Leader Voting:  At any point of time, you can spend 500 Sheckels to vote on one of our team members to lead the Pokemon group, with the rule being that I MUST use that Pokemon for one turn before switching it out.  As if raising a Magikarp wasn’t hard enough!  To vote for a pokemon, just type !pkmnX in chat, with x being a number between 1 and 6.

    pkmn example
    What a team.


  2. No Items: Tired of seeing me blast through your teams using potions and revives?  If you’re willing to pay the steep price of 5000 Sheckels, you can prevent me from using items for the next 15 minutes.  I just hope you have it in your hearts to NOT do this to me at the elite 4.  To ban me from using items, type !silence in chat.  This will lose you 5000 Sheckels, so only do it if you’re really, really prepared!
  3. Team naming:  Let’s face it, sometimes you have the perfect name for a Pokemon and you just gotta share it.  Like naming Charizard “Smaug”, or maybe naming Raticate “Splinter”.  Naming privileges will be given to the first 6 donations of at least $15 USD.  So go on and show the world just how damn funny you are.  Just please, don’t name my Pokemon “mikisux”. If the Pokemon are already caught, we’ll take em to the name rater and change their name asap for you!

So there you have it! Pokemon has never been this wet, and it’s about to get even wetter.  I can’t wait to see you all on Monday to get this started!