Moistathon 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to Moist-A-Thon 2: Electric Boogaloo! 

Moistathon is a month long stream event to celebrate the fact that 2 years ago on May 11th, I became a Twitch Partner. SO LETS CELEBRATE BY STREAMING WAY TOO MUCH AND PLAYING TONS OF GAMES!

Splash Bros Returns

THAT’S RIGHT! The Super Mario Maker Minigame “Super Splash Bros” will be again this year, featuring a new update! There are 10 new characters, and the game will now track stats for every player so you can see just how many times you’ve won or lost! Splash Bros will take place at the start of most streams, as long as the game we have planned for that day isn’t too long

Thank You Presents

This all wouldn’t be possible without the fact that you guys have been supporting me every step of the way. This month, I’ll be doing TONS of giveaways while I have the supplies to do so (they should last a while). If you meet any of the following requirements you’re elegible for a Thank you card, stickers, badge and pop socket

  • 1 Year Sub (wind badge or higher)
  • Blue Scheckel Badge
  • 10 or more Gifted Subs

If you’d like to claim your gift, ask myself or a mod for the claiming link, along with proof of any one of the three requirements

Console Giveaways

This year, I’ll be doing two seperate Nintendo Switch Giveaways! The first one will start on the first day of Moist-a-Thon2, and the second one two weeks after that. Better get prayin’ to RNGsus.

Xwater Nintendo Switch Giveaway


Games list and schedule

Game Time (edt)
Super Mario Maker 3:00PM – 7:00PM
New Super Mario Bros. U 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Jackbox Party Games 9:00PM – 10:30PM
Star Fox 64 10:30PM – 12:00AM
Frog Fractions II 12:00AM – 1:00AM
LTTP Randomizer 1:00AM – 3:30AM
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland 3:30AM – 5:00AM
Skyrim 5:00AM – 7:00AM
Sonic 3 & KNUCKLES 7:00AM – 9:00AM
Goat Simulator FINALE

Moiststravaganza Details

Plinko Returns

If you’ve never seen the LIVE ACTION Plinko board, you’re in for a treat.  For this stream every sub, re-sub, and $10 donation will earn a drop on the Plinko board! The board will have 7 separate possibilities, ranging from making me balance a cup of water on my head to earning everyone in the stream free sheckels!  This will all go down while we try to play various games, so BRING IT ON!

Subscriber Giveaways

We’ll be pulling winners during the course of the stream to win an XWATER SHIRT!  The shirts will be bleach pattered after the stream, so winners can choose their Color and Size, as well as style!

Other Things!

There will be some other stuff going on too, but I’ll be revealing the details of those day of!  This includes a way for people to spend Sheckels, and perhaps a couple of other fun twists 🙂

3DS Streaming Without Capture Card Guide

3DS Example
Completely wireless capture broadcast!

The 3DS offers a library of some of the most iconic games spanning almost every genre, spanning from classics like Pokemon and Fire Emblem to awesome new IPs like Bravely Default. As a Nintendo streamer on Twitch I’ve struggled with finding a reliable way to capture 3ds gameplay.  3ds Capture cards have a high financial barrier of entry, long turnover time (can take up to 3 months to get a card installed) as well as reported low durability on the katsukitty cards.  

There IS a way to stream 3ds games from a New Nintendo 3ds without a capture card, but not without a bit of trade off.  First off, it takes a good amount of time to set up, as well as a little bit of risk (console bricking potential).  Secondly, you will not achieve the same level of quality on your 3ds with wireless software based capture.  Depending on the game, I can get anywhere from 30-40 steady FPS on both screens at a bit of lower quality.  There are also some difficulties using the 3ds when it is in streaming mode.  You cannot soft reset your games or load new games without fully rebooting the console and re initializing the streaming software.  DS games cannot be streamed, as it only streams games that boot in 3ds mode.


  • Free
  • Wireless
  • No hardware modifications necessary
  • CFW(Custom FirmWare) Allows a lot of cool stuff, such as homebrew and region free


  • Brick Potential
  • Time Consuming Setup
  • Not Future Proof (3ds system updates may break the setup)
  • Limitations on functionality in stream mode
  • Quality is not up to par of physical capture cards (still really good though!)

Things you will need

  • New Nintendo 3ds (XL or Regular)
  • SD card (8gb Minimum recommended)
  • Philips PH0 screwdriver (SD card is behind the backplate of the New Nintendo 3ds
  • Micro SD Card Reader

Step 1 – arm9loaderhax (A9LH)

Installing A9LH on your New Nintendo 3ds is the biggest part of the process, and by far will be the longest.  I will not write a guide for this, as there is already a guide that goes extremely in depth, provides immense support, and has forums + irc channels for you to find solutions to any problems you may run into.  For the benefit of not Bricking your n3DS I would suggest reading every page of this guide thoroughly as you go through it.  The guide and tools developed do a great job providing failsafes, but it’s always best to be safe and prepared.  This is an extremely lengthy process, so set aside an afternoon to get started.  Immense thanks and credit goes to the 3ds Hacking community and Plailect for this guide.  For an in depts look at the credits page, click here. (DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS, NO MATTER HOW TEDIOUS OR UNIMPORTANT IT MAY LOOK!)

Step 2 Installing NTR CFW (streaming software/custom firmware)

2.1 – Reserve IP for 3ds

First thing we need to do is setup your wireless connection on the 3ds so you have a static IP.  This means that your 3DS will have a specific IP address set aside for it to connect to.  If you do not know your router’s IP address, you can search the serial number for it, or if on windows you can open a command prompt and type “ipconfig”.  Your router will be the “Default Gateway”



Type this IP address into your broswer to get to your Router’s settings.  If you’ve never set this up, the password and username should be the default for the router, which you can find in the manuals or through a quick google search of your router.  Here is a link for how to do so on DLINK DIR Series routers.  If you have a different router, the settings should be similar, but there will more than likely be a guide you can find by searching “DHCP Reservation on routername”.


From here, you need to specifiy the reserved IP address on the 3ds


  • Get into  3DS Settings, then click internet settings.
  • Go to Connection Settings
  • Create a new connection and select Manual Setup
  • Select “Search for Access Point”
  • Select your access point and enter your password and save your connection
  • Select your new connection
  • Select “Change Settings”
  • Press the right arrow, and select “IP Address”
  • Set “Auto Obtain IP Address” to no
  • Press “Detailed Setup”
  • Enter your reserved IP as the IP Address, as your DNS, and your Router’s IP address as the Gateway (the IP Address you type into your web browser to access your router’s settings)
  • Next, select DNS and set auto obtain to no
  • In detailed setup, set primary DNS to your Router’s IP (same as gateway in the IP Address section) and Secondary DNS to


Now, your connection should connect to the same IP everytime your 3DS boots to the internet, allowing you to easily connect it to the streaming client you’ll be running on your computer.

2.2 – Installing NTR CFW on 3ds

NTR CFW is the tool used to broadcast the video output of the 3ds to a computer.  Let’s get started with exactly what you need here.

**With the release of 11.2.* firmware on the 3ds, a new “bootntr.cia” file is required.  Please delete the file downloaded in the starter kit and replace it with the link found here**

For the official page for the NTR custom firmware setup, look here

The guide assumes you have a strong knowledge of the 3ds hacking scene, so I will go into a little more detail for people who might have trouble with some of the vagueness in this guide.

  • Start by copying the bootntr.cfw file to your 3ds (preferably in the CIA directory.  If you don’t have this directory, create it and put it here)
  • Copy “ntr.bin” to the luma folder on your 3ds.  
  • Copy “firmware.bin” to the luma folder on your 3ds SD card.  As of 11.1.0, I use this one

Now, go to your 3ds and boot your CIA installer (FBI for example) and insall the “bootntr.cfw” you put in your CIA directory on your SD card

2.3 Connecting your N3ds to your computer for broadcast

Take the NTRViewer and NTRDebugger folders from the NTR3.4 starter pack you downloaded earlier and put somewhere on your computer (I recommend /Documents/3DSCAPTURE/).  Launch the “ntrclient.exe” from the debugger folder, and the “NTRViewer.exe” from the viewer folder.  You should have 3 windows open now.

Now, launch the NTR CFW on your 3ds.  If all goes correctly, you should get a prompt saying the NTR CFW has booted successfully, and it will return your to the 3ds home screen.  From there, press x+y and a menu will show up on the bottom screen.  Select “Enable Debugger” and press a.  Now, your 3ds is ready to broadcast!

In your NTRDebugger, , you need to connect the device.  Type
With the x’s being your IP address.  For my setup, I type this exactly (incuding quotes)


The debugger should respond with “Server connected.”

Next, we need to speficy broadcast options.  They are as follows

remoteplay(priorityMode = 0, priorityFactor = 1, quality = 80, qosValue = 30)

Copy and paste this directly for most easy.

Priority mode – decided which screen gets priority in broadcasting, 0= top 1=bottom
Priority Factor– The factor at which one screen is prioritized (1 makes them equal)
Quality– The factor of jpeg compression quality (lower number = higher framerate, uglier image)
qosValue– Limits bandwith.  Value of 100 or higher will disable this feature.  For good connection, keep around 30.  For poor/medium connection, consider dropping between 15-20

Once you enter this command, you should have visual output on your NTRViewer Client.  


Some games may disable WIFI upon starting (Pokemon ORAS is an example of this)  This will stop the broadcasting image from your console.  To fix, connect to wifi in the game (In pokemon, you simply enable the wifi feature).  If you want to continue without enabling wifi, or don;t have the option avalible, there is a work around.

Copy the following command into the NTRDebugger

write(0x0105AE4, (0x70, 0x47), pid=0x1a)

This will keep your connection when you launch titles such as Pokemon ORAS.

Ever feel like beating me to a pulp but had no way of doing it? Well…LOOK NO FURTHER!! Now with the third edition of Pokémon Wet Version, you, yes, YOU, have the opportunity to be one of my enemies in game! By simply filling out a form you can become a trainer and TAKE ME ON personally! For the low low cost of FREE you can type ?wetversion in chat to get the exclusive sign up link! You may be asking, ‘So what really is Pokémon wet version?’ Well here I am with an answer! Our exclusive rom hacking team has taken on the task of putting each and every one of you into a special version of fire red. In addition, we have dialogue changes, custom music, and so much more! With this limited time event coming make sure to get your submissions in early! We have a TON of slots but it’s better safe than sorry! submissions will be closed by the 18th so make sure to get your elite team together by then! I hope to see you beat me to a crying mess!

Unfortunately I have to announce the delay of our DKC Megastream.  I was really looking forward to putting this on tomorrow for a super fun filled Donkey Kong marathon, but after a long call with my ISP this morning I have learned that they are not coming out for repairs to the lines until September 26th, conveniently the day I leave town for my mom’s surgery (to be followed by twitchcon!).

If my connection becomes stable again for October, you can expect the DKC Megastream then, as well as the other 2 events that are being planned for October (To be announced at the beginning of the month).  Thanks for your patience everyone, and here’s to hoping we can have a ballin’ as heck October!

Donkey Kong Country MEGASTREAM



24 hours of DKC goodness


Oct 14

1:00PM start time

Pool Palace



Wettest man on the net

Well folks, we’re under 1 week away from the DONKEY KONG COUNTRY MEGASTREAM! I’ve done some creative things with the planning of this stream, trying to include new features to the stream and somewhat debut them here.


Games to play!

There are quite a few Donkey Kong games in the series that we could play, so I had to narrow it down to something doable in a 24 hour span.  That being said, the games we’re going to be playing are as follows!

  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns / Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

We will be kicking off the stream with the classic SNES games! K. Rule is going to wish he never crossed these razy kongs!  The only confusion we have is with the last game.  Is it DKC:R or DKC:TF? MAKE UP YOUR MIND MIKI GOSH!  Well, what if I said I don’t want to choose?  What would you do then?

Game Voting!

Choose Wisely!

That’s right! Throughout the stream, any donations made will go towards deciding out last game.  If you want to see Donkey Kong’s majestic return to action, just add #dkcr to any donations you make, and if you’d like to see our monkey fight off the cold cold fury of the Snowmads then add #dkctf to your donation message!  The voting will be closed at the end of DKC3 and we will push forward with whatever game had more votes.  I’ve thought about letting users use Sheckels to vote for the next game, but then I remembered i had an awesome plan for Sheckels anyway!



DONKEY KONG BONGOS YES!  We’re going to have a special minigame setup, with that minigame being the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat games!  Every user is going to be able to contribute Sheckels to the cause of stopping me from whatever i’m doing to play some stupid bongos.  Every user will be able to contribute up to 1500 Sheckels every 30 minutes filling up the Bongo Bar.  When the bongo bar hits 20,000 Sheckels,  I will drop whatever level it is we’re playing (please don’t make me lose boss fights!!) to let out my inner musician and play some beautiful bongo beats for you all :).


Don’t you go thinking I forgot about events! We have 3 donation incentive events planned in addition to everything else, so buckle up for some of your favorite returning events and maybe some fun new wacky goodness.



$150 – DK Rap

If we manage to hit this amazing milestone during the Megastream, I’ll also perform for you a track off of the currently unreleased xwater “wet tape”.  Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your granddaddy’s DK rap.  We’re gonna go RAW IN THIS ONE.  I don’t mess around when I rhyme boiez.


And there you have it folks! Those are the plans for the DKC Megastream!  I hope you’re excited for it, because I SURE AS HELL AM! I’ll see you all there on Friday October 23rd at 1:00PM EST!!

Wetstravaganza Tournament!

The Wetstravaganza starts today!  Here are some key things to keep note of.  Also avalible on the tournament page 


Wetstravaganza Policies:

I. Picks

Character picks will be blind pick.  Stage picks will be blind for the first round (pick a tournament legal stage and let the game decide which one gets played).  For game 2 and 3, the winner will choose random while the losers picks the stage.  This will ensure the loser’s stage is chosen.


II. Result reporting

Both players must report the results of their match into the discord server.  If one player fails to do so, the player who reported will be counted.  If there is a dispute in the match, we ask for proof of results.  Save your replays and take screenshots of the winners screens for ease of disputes.  Players who dispute a match and are caught lying will be permanently banned from joining other tournaments and chatting in the xwater stream.


III.  No Shows

Any player that is more that 10 minutes late to their match will be automatically disqualified.  If both players do not show up to the match, then there will be a bye.


IV. Lag disputes

Laggy matches are unfortunately out of our control as TOs for an online tournament.  Some tips we have for ensuring your match has as little lag as possible

-Pause your stream during the match

-Ensure you’re not downloading or uploading anything during your match

-Ask the other users in your house to keep their streaming/internet usage down during the match


Unfortunately, lag is going to happen and will be annoying to deal with.  We ask that you play these matches out regardless of the lag, and report winning all the same.


V. Misc.

Any issues not mentioned in here will be handled on the spot by the TO’s (xwater and danners).  Their decision will be final.

September Event Announcement!

A new month brings a new chapter to the xwater stream!  You’ve been waiting for the formal announcement of this for a while, so with great pleasure I’m happy to announce that the Donkey Kong Country Megastream will take place on September 23rd (it’s a friday, so you better be there!)
You can expect the same kind of wackiness from this as the other megastreams, so get your bananas and get excited!

In addition to that, we will be doing another minor event this month! Next week on thursday Sept 8th, I will be hosting my first ever Smash Bros tournament online!  Details about this will be announced in the next few days, but I can tell you that it will be standard tournament rules, with a few adjustments for online play.  I hope everyone can make it!


Xwater 4k Karaoke Stream!

Happy 4k Everyone!  To celebrate the support of all you wonderful people, we’re doing karaoke stream ROUND 2! This time, I have a list of songs you can vote for, so check it out and tune in at 3:00PM EST for some awesome Karaoke Madness!

Every 30 minutes you will be able to vote on a song from a specific category using Sheckels. You will be able to use more sheckels to influence the choice of song, so make sure you bank em up this week.
In addition to this, every $10 donation (USD) will give that person a karaoke of their choice (Must be stream appropriate) that will be done as soon as possible. That means there will be no Plinko for the stream.

3:30 – Party On
Dmx – Party Up
Beastie Boys – Fight For your Right to Party
Tupac – California Love
Fat Man Scoop – Put Ya Hands Up
4:00 – Oldies
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Abba – Dancing Queen
The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
Abba – Mamma Mia
4:30 – Will Smith
Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy wit it
Will Smith – Summertime
Will Smith – Parents Just Don’t Understand
Will Smith – Miami
5:00 – YOU CAN DO IT
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
Europe – The Final Countdown
Joe Esposito – You’re The Best Around
5:30 – Gambino
Childish Gambino – 3005
Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks
Childish Gambino – Heartbeat
Childish Gambino – Bonfire
6:00 – This Again?
Journey – Don’t Stop Believin
Oasis – Wonderwall
Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer
The Darkness – I Believe In a Thing Called Love
6:30 – Charming Farewell
CeeLo Green – Forget You
Taylor Swift – Blank Space
Gym Class Heroes – Cupid’s Chokehold
Biz Markie – Just a Friend
7:00 – Hippity Hop
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
Drake – HYFR
Young MC – Bust A Move
J. Cole – Work Out
7:30 – 2 CHAINZZZ
2 Chainz – No Lie
2 Chainz – I’m Different
A$AP Rocky Ft. 2 Chainz – Fkn Problem
8:00 – Babez
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder
Spice Girls – Wannabe
8:30 – Get Funky
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
Macklemore – Downtown
Earth Wind and Fire – September
9:00 – Throwback
50 cent – P.I.M.P.
Nelly – Hot In Here
Lil Wayne – A Mili
Eminem – Lose Yourself
9:30 – Pop Rock
Blink 182 – All the Small Things
The Killers – When You Were Young
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Fountains Of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
10:00 The Village People
The Village People – YMCA
The Village People – In The Navy
The Village People – Macho Man

Pokemon Wet Version 2 Release!

You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here!  Pokemon Wet Version 2 is available for download! Play through the wacky wonderful experience that is a rom hack of a rom hack, experiencing Pokemon Crystal with a Gen 3 Engine.  In addition to that, face off against over 50 custom trainers from viewers of the xwater stream!  Teams have been handpicked by our viewers to make you laugh, cry, and scream with excitement!  Special thanks to ShinyLars for putting trainers in the rom hack, and to jsalvation for some custom music.  Also to RainyDayGamer and BubbleGuns with perfecting the balance and testing for any bugs!

Setting up the game

If you’re unfamilliar with how to use a patched game, it’s not too difficult.  Here are the steps

  1. Download VBA (Visual Boy Advanced)
  2. Get yourself a Rom of Pokemon Fire Red (I cannot provide you with a link for this)
  3. Download the Pokemon Wet Version IPS patch file
  4. Patch the Fire Red rom with the IPS file (If you’re unsure how, this site provides many options)

Then, just open the rom with your emulator and you’re good to go!  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.  Happy playing!


If you would like to use or look at the save file from the run on stream, check it out here!