Ever feel like beating me to a pulp but had no way of doing it? Well…LOOK NO FURTHER!! Now with the third edition of Pokémon Wet Version, you, yes, YOU, have the opportunity to be one of my enemies in game! By simply filling out a form you can become a trainer and TAKE ME ON personally! For the low low cost of FREE you can type ?wetversion in chat to get the exclusive sign up link! You may be asking, ‘So what really is Pokémon wet version?’ Well here I am with an answer! Our exclusive rom hacking team has taken on the task of putting each and every one of you into a special version of fire red. In addition, we have dialogue changes, custom music, and so much more! With this limited time event coming make sure to get your submissions in early! We have a TON of slots but it’s better safe than sorry! submissions will be closed by the 18th so make sure to get your elite team together by then! I hope to see you beat me to a crying mess!

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