OOT Race

For this Zelda race, each of our heroes will be accompanied by a Triforce piece, this will influence how they can play the game, and give each of them a special power…

Triforce of Courage – This Triforce piece accompanies the baddest ass dude in the land, he can only get 7 hearts during the run of the game (unless challenged to get more pieces) SPECIAL POWER – veto one challenge, but you must accept the second one your draw

Triforce of Wisdom – This Triforce piece goes to the wisest and most practical dude around. He won’t be satisfied with the minimum amount, he must get all upgrades for the quiver, bullets and bombs, and one of the deku nut and deku stick uprades each
SPECIAL POWER – the Triforce of wisdom gives you the ability to give and get advice from the sage Miyamoto, via the Nintendo Power, the other two must ask you for advice if needed

Triforce of Power – this Triforce piece imbibes you with strength, but makes you hungry for power, you must get all three kinds of magical arrows, including the Ice Arrow
SPECIAL POWER – impose one challenge on each opponent, whenever you want.

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