What are Sheckels?

Sheckels are an in-stream currency for xwater’s twitch channel.  Sheckels are 100% free, and earned through watching the stream, playing risk, or particiapting in Super Splash Bros.  The rate at which you earn sheckels is as follows

Base Rate Active User Bonus Regular Bonus (50+ hrs) Offline Rate
5 / 5 min +1 / 5 min +2 / 5 min 10/ 60 min

What can I DO with Sheckels?

Good Question! Sheckels you earn will primarily be used during event streams.  During these streams, there will be ways to sway the flow of the stream using your Sheckels.  Whether it be to extend the stream for hours, gain a spot in a viewer game, or even to tilt the character choice in your favor, Sheckels will be used in many silly ways that are a pretty fun time during event streams.

When we’re doing our regular, non event streams, you can still use Sheckels for some things!  Giveaways will sometimes have entry fees of x amount of Sheckels with multiple entries, so the more you have, the better your chances at getting some FREE GAMES.  They can be used to enter songs you want to hear during song request days for 100 Sheckels per song.  Additionally, there are sound effects you can trigger using your Sheckels at 100 Sheckels each.  To get a list, type !sfx into the stream chat.

You can also use Sheckels to play games on stream, which is pretty dang cool.  !risk will bring up a unique scenario where you earn or lose sheckels.  There is also Super Splash Bros, a fully featured game where you can earn sheckels at no cost.  It’s also pretty fun, so that’s a nice bonus.

How do I check my sheckel count?

Easy! All you have to do is type !sheckels in the xwater chat room!  If you connect your account in the discord, you can also check your sheckels there.  For connecting in discord, DM user “xwetbot” !linkdiscord and follow the instructions you recieve!