Welcome to MOISTATHON 3!

Moistathon is the celebration of my journey on twitch thus far.  5 years ago this July, I went live for the first time.  And in those 5 years we’ve done A LOT of awesome, weird stuff.  This event is a celebration of all of that, by doing more awesome weird stuff!

Daily Updates 

A lot of the games we’re playing this year will have fun, wacky twists involved.  Check back here in the blog or in the discord for updates on the events as they are announced.

Loyalty Rewards

As a thank you to the people who have supported me this long, there are free loyalty rewards to the community.  To be eligible you must have met any one of the following requirements

  • 18 months subscribed
  • 10k bit badge (red rupee)
  • 20 gifted subs

If you’re elegible, you’ll get a sticker, a pop socket, and a pin!  To claim one, reach out to a mod of the channel for a link to the super secret form.

Daily Giveaways

Every single day, I will be giving away 1 game key.  Games like A Hat In Time, Hollow Knight,  Okami HD and Metal Gear Solid V.  Keep an active eye in the discord and stream to find out where to get the keys each day!

Merch Launch

It’s been a LONG time coming, but we’re finally releasing merch!  To get some awesome xwater swag, head over to my store at Design By Humans.  ***note – there are a few more designs coming so please don’t order anything yet!

Console Giveaways

In week 2 and 4 of Moistathon, there will be special giveaways happening! Keep your eyes on the discord and my twitter for details!


2912, 2015

OOT Race

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For this Zelda race, each of our heroes will be accompanied by a Triforce piece, this will influence how they can play the game, and give each of them a special power... Triforce of Courage [...]