General Commands

So much power lies in your hands


Chat Command

Level up.

Find out how awesome you are.


Chat Command


Find out how rich you are!


Whisper Only Command

Oh My!

Get a list of ranks you can achieve on the stream


Whisper Only Command

For Me?

Will let you know the next rank, and how far you are from it.


Chat Command

Pretty Pls

Just try it.


Chat Command

Nice Rig!

Look at my sweet rig


Chat Command

The gift

Give up to 900 sheckels to a friend (60 min cooldown)
(ex.  !give xwater 690)


Chat Command


I’m a humble partner! Get yourself games WHILE supporting me!


Chat Command

You said that?

Grab a random (or specific) quote! ex.  !quote    |    !quote 230


Chat Command

The sound of Music

Get a link to xwater’s mad dope stream playlist (


Chat Command

Pictures Please!

This command will save a log for xwater to highlight the stream


Chat Command

Memory Lane

Grab a random (or specific) gallery entry! ex.  !gallery    |    !gallery 22


Because who doesn't like to have fun?

Music Commands

Let's jam out, dude.

Social Commands

Get in touch with me...ya dingus.


Slide in the DM


Selfie. Overload.


Superb Content


No Filter.


I like it


Game on.


You talkin' to me?


Talk to me


Wii would like to play