About Xwater


Hey!  I’m gonna tell you about myself!  I’m Miki (xwater), a 22 year old guy with a degree in Computer science, at least 5 pairs of pants, and a pretty awesome collection of pokemon cards.  I’ve been streaming on twitch since July 2015, and I’ve loved every single second of it (except for maybe being on the 30th hour of streaming straight and feeling like a zombie).  If you wanted to know a little more about my background and myself, look no further!  Come get to know me 🙂

How I got into games

My career as a gamer started from before I could even remember.  My brother, Navetz, was 5 by the time I was alive.  That was ample time for him to get our parents to buy a Sega genesis and super Nintendo.  Being a typical little brother, I always wanted to compete with big bro, even though our age gap made it impossible for me to really win at anything.  Seriously, a three year old trying to beat an eight year old in Mortal Kombat II like watching a dog chasing its tail; Funny to watch, but that dog is not going to come out the winner.

As I grew older my love for video games stayed strong.  I would spend hours upon hours playing Sonic and Mario over and over until my parents had to force me to play outside.  Then, one day when I was around 5 years old, something incredible happened.

I still remember this almost too vividly.  It was a regular summer afternoon like any other.  My brother had gone to hang out with his friend down the street, and being the coolest person in the world to me at the time (who am I kidding, he still is) I followed him whenever I could.  We we’re then exposed to the magic that was an N64 for the first time in our lives.  I was captivated by it.  Mario was moving not only left and right, but forward and backward? What is this nonsense!?!  I watched with my jaw dropped as he did turn flips, jumped off walls, punched goombas and surfed on koopa shells. All of this, however, was absolutely nothing compared to the chills that I felt when our friend showed me Mario’s 120 star signature triple jump for the first time.  The sparkly partical effects surrounding that majestic plumber as he flipped through the air was incredible, and knowing that you have to get all of the stars in the game to unlock it made me want to play it that much more.  Fast forward to my next birthday, and my mom and dad had surprised me with an N64 and Super Mario 64 to play myself!  So thank you, Mom and Dad.  If you hadn’t fueled my childish desire to see a sparkling plumber throw a turtle into some bombs, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Why “xwater”

A lot of people ask me why I chose the name xwater.  As cliché as it sounds, I almost feel as though the name chose me.  The root of the name comes from my first real online gaming experience (no, not my  first neopets account).  I was in grade 6 at the time, so I guess that would make me around 12 years old.  Things we’re different than my humble Super Nintendo beginnings.  I was just branching into my first online gaming experience, and my world was about to change.  

I sat down one day to watch my brother playing this new game called “Warcraft 3”.  He was exploring the amazingly diverse custom game selection xwater 2that Warcraft had to offer, and my mind was instantly blown.  The first game I watched him play was a Pokemon tower defense.  Being 12, anything that had Pokemon in it was immediately worth putting my time into.  So when he was done, I used his computer to play a round myself.

Something about a tower with a red dragon unit model named Charizard made me instantly fall in love with the game, and my brother surprised me with a CD key of my own the next week.  I started to branch into trying out ladder games, even though I had absolutely no idea how to play the game.  But to play online I needed my own account now!  I had to choose a name, so without even thinking about it, I took some of the coolest things I could think of and made my new identity.  The result was “x_fire”.  After all, the letter x is the most badass letter of the alphabet, and no-one messes with fire.

Then I started losing.  I lost a lot.  I think I lost about 50 games before I won my first game (which I then played out for another hour against no opponent to enjoy the victory I worked so hard for).  I started to win more and more games until I was getting about a 50% win rate.  My profile, however, showed that I had way too many losses.  So, now that I was confident in my MLG micro skills, I created my next account.  Call it a lack of creativity, or a clever contrast, but I then made my next account -“x_water”.  The identity that I have lived by ever since that fateful day.

Xwater today

Now that you know my backstory, I’d love to tell you a little bit about the xwater of today, so let’s get the boring stuff out of the way.  I went to school for computer science and graduated with a degree in software engineering at the age of 21.  I’ve never broken any bones and I really like pizza.  One time I was pantsed in high school and my underwear almost came down with my shorts. Okay now to the good stuff.

I’m very competitive and ambitious, always looking to overcome the next challenge or goal I set for myself, while refusing to give up even when things are looking completely against me.  I love to set challenges for myself to overcome.  I’m extremely hardworking and generous, as you can tell by this free game key right here NPG3C-M3JA9-4IID2. I’m a firm believer that with hard work, you can overcome almost any obstacle.   I love to be goofy and take life not too seriously when I can.  Most of all, I’m all about positivity.

I believe that having a positive outlook will make even the worst situations in life a little better.  Smiling, staying happy and laughing are the best ways to enjoy life, and that’s the kind of attitude I try to bring to everything I do.  I try to make the best out of every situation in life, and if something in my life is going in a way I don’t want it to, I’ll work as hard as I can with a smile on my face to try and make it better.  

I’ve covered just about everything I can think of.  About me pages are hard to write, and I’m sure I’ve missed some important details, so if you want to know anything else about me, please ask!  Come talk to me on the official xwater forums, or pop in on the twitch page during a stream and put me on the spot!  

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